Plum Jewelled Saree by Allways Julez Sugar Art

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Plum Jewelled Saree by Allways Julez Sugar Art

The Elegant Indian Fashion Collaboration

I am sure you have been blown away by some of the most beautiful indian fashion inspired pieces in this collaboration. Released to the world this week, creative director Candace Chand has done it again. Her second collaboration, with an eastern cultural angle with some knock-out pieces, this really is a visual delight!

With many of the participants of an non-indian background the cake artists were given an indian lehenga or saree outfit image as their inspiration to create something inspired on a cake. The collaborators took inspiration from embroidered beaded borders, golden threads, rich fabrics and silks, perfect pleats and bold Bollywood colours… ALL the artists really pulled out the stops for this collaboration.Our spotlight cake is one of the cakes from the collaboration, made by Julie Williams from Allways Julez Sugar Art.

A beautiful plum colour, with a blue and golden embroidered border, Julie has conveyed the design of the saree onto the cake beautifully. From the slightly tapered bottom tier, to reflect the feminine body form, to the indian head tikka jewellery on top of the cake, there is still more that we absolutely love about the cake. The elongated tear shaped embroidery has been piped to perfection with a matching perfect colour palette.

The hanging drape over the arm of the woman is called the “achol” and is portrayed beautifully as the translucent drape hanging off the bottom tier, this is our most favourite element to the cake which really catches the eye! A beautiful piece and one of our favourites – Congratulations Julie for a gorgeous


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